Our mission is to promote and support adult education throughout the state of Tennessee. We also strive to provide advocacy, leadership, and professional development for the field of adult education in Tennessee.

Our Purpose

  • To provide leadership in advancing the education of adults in a lifelong learning process by unifying the profession, developing human resources, encouraging and using research, communicating with the members and the public, and offering services to advance education.

  • To promote adult literacy and basic education programs, including Adult Education, Adult Secondary Education, English Speakers of Other Languages, and other local, state, and federal programs which assist undereducated and/or disadvantaged adults to function effectively in society.

  • To advocate the development and dissemination of publications, methods, materials, resources, and programs in adult education programs.

  • To represent and communicate the interests and needs of TAACE members to the elected officials and the citizens of our state.


The Tennessee Association for Adult and Community Education (TAACE) began in March, 1970, as the Tennessee Association for Public Continuing and Adult Education (TAPCAE). The main impetus for the present organization came from a group of Adult Basic Educators who felt the need for better coordination, communication, and support for ABE services throughout the state.

During the earliest years, TAACE was an affiliate of the National Association for Public and Continuing Adult Education (NAPCAE). This organization changed its name to the present day American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE). However TAACE is now affiliated with the Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE).

The first statewide conference was held in 1985 in Knoxville, TN, in collaboration with Tennessee Adult Education. Currently TAACE sponsors an awards luncheon and annual membership meeting during the TNAE Academy for Academic Excellence summer conference each year that moves around the great state of Tennessee.

The Association is open to all adult educators and those interested in the success of adult education programs in the areas of adult, correctional, community, continuing, literacy, higher, vocational, and extension education. We look forward to a thriving, active association that will meet the needs of adult educators throughout the great state of Tennessee.

The TAACE Officers are elected for two year cycles, with Treasurer returning annually for continuity. The TAACE Board of Directors consist of three officers per grand division, with each elected for a three year term in staggering terms so that one board member rolls off each year. These officers and board members are elected for at the annual membership meeting (held in conjunction with the annual summer conference). The entire TAACE association membership votes at these annual membership meetings.

We would love for you to join us as our newest member.

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