The perfect team – who we are, what we do, how to communicate with us, and how we may assist you.

  • TAACE’s Board of Directors is currently comprised of fourteen members and comprises the executive board and regional, at-large, and appointed representatives.

  • Each of Tennessee’s three grand divisions is represented by three members. Regions include:

    • West Tennessee
    • Middle Tennessee
    • East Tennessee
  • The Board meets quarterly during the academic year to work towards organizational goals and plan activities.

  • Every board member is appointed to various committees for the advancement of the organization.

TAACE Officers

Stewart Stanfill

Teresa Smith

Angela Hollingsworth

Debbie Fillers

Debi Tabor
Director At Large

Betty Byrd

Charlotte Cain
COABE Liaison

Yvette Dixon
Awards Chair

TAACE Board of Directors

West Tennessee
Alex Beene
Judy Maness
Pam Sallee

Middle Tennessee
Lynda Huddleston
Julia Goss
June Spears

East Tennessee
Leslie Travis
Grant Roddy
Charlene Shelton